Me, and the world as I see it.

I’m a 30 something road warrior,
I summed it up once when I saw a young man at a drum festival we both happened to be attending one night in Sault Ste Mari. He appeared to be backpacking the country side, I thought “hey, that’s exactly what I’m doing,” only I get an expense account.

Don’t expect much, a camera is pretty foreign in my hands, I have allot to learn beyond point and click..

All shots by me so far are taken on a Canon S3IS (thanks Randy)
~edit March 1st 2007~
added a UV filter and a linear polarized lens to the kit
~edit September 25st 2007~
rolled 5500 photos, still working fine. On my recommendations some work folk picked up the S5IS they are more than happy with it.
~Edit May 2008,~
the S3 died, shop says grit got in the lens mechanism so no warranty. not thrilled about that, maybe they are being truthful, maybe they just don't want to shell out for a $400 repair. Long story short, all photos from now on are shot with an S5ISS

~Jeffery E. Newton~ 2006